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Our services at PG Consulting, LLC are unique...we help clients define and execute strategy. We partner with our clients to share our expertise, to guide them or develop for them the best solutions and processes possible, and to educate about potential pitfalls. We wrap each of our client projects with Outbound Telemarketing best practices that only come from being in the trenches. We have years of hands-on experience developing and executing strategies and tactics to improve Outbound Telemarketing performance.


Our clients also applaud the "process" we've developed. The process serves as a foundation for many campaign types, guiding the thinking, design, development, and execution of the campaign.


While no two clients are the same, our process enables us to identify and analyze common issues, and give us a format to educate clients on key factors and accelerate projects. Whether it's for contact strategy implementation, campaign design, vendor management, or one of our other offerings, our process helps our clients effectively and efficiently achieve the desired project goals.


We provide expert strategy consulting services with a primary focus on Outbound Telemarketing Sales:


·         Outbound Telemarketing Strategy and Planning

·         Vendor Selection

·         Vendor Management

·         Assessment of existing outsourcing programs

·         Recommendations on new outsourcing opportunities and initiatives

·         Outsourced campaign management

·         Call center process improvement

·         Quality assurance monitoring and calibration

·         Outbound Telemarketing Summits/Events

·         Sales Training

·         Data Modeling